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Indiana University

Committee of Data Stewards

The Committee of Data Stewards, as a group, are responsible for establishing policies, procedures, and guidelines for management of institutional data across Indiana University. Individually, each of the Data Stewards have management and policy-making responsibilities for specific data subject areas, as part of the virtual institutional data base.

To contact the Committee of Data Stewards, email

Appointed members

Data Subject Area Contact
Chair Kim Milford
Student Data Julie Aders
Human Resources Data Laura Kress
Alumni and Foundation Data Don Grinstead
Library Data Jon Dunn
Purchasing and Travel Data Jill Schunk
Facilities Data Paul Sullivan
Financial and Budget Data Joan Hagen
International Programs Data Jason Baumgartner
Contracts and Grants/Research Administration Data Lora O'Connor
Faculty Data Susan McCammon
Medical Data Eric Schmidt
Research Data Leslie Pfeffer

Ex Officio members representing advisory offices or functions

Office Contact
Internal Audit Kevin Keough
University Information Security Tom Davis
Enterprise Software Brian McGough
Enterprise Infrastructure Dennis Cromwell
University Counsel Kip Drew
Institutional Research Todd Schmitz
University Archives Phil Bantin
University Regional Affairs, Planning,
and Policy
Steve Keucher
Identity Management Systems Jacob Farmer

Staff and other support

Area Contact
Policy analysis Eric Cosens
Research and general support Phyllis Davidson