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Classifications of Institutional Data

This document describes the four classification levels of institutional data at Indiana University, and provides a list of data elements at that level. For general or background information, please see the Knowledge Base document: What is institutional data?

From most sensitive to least sensitive, the university data classifications are:

Critical Inappropriate handling of this data could result in criminal or civil penalties, identity theft, personal financial loss, invasion of privacy, and/or unauthorized access to this type of information by an individual or many individuals.
Restricted Because of legal, ethical, or other constraints, may not be accessed without specific authorization, or only selective access may be granted.
University-internal May be accessed by eligible agents[1] of the university, in the conduct of university business; access restrictions should be applied accordingly.
Public Few restrictions; generally releasable to a member of the public upon request; upon receipt of a request, seek advice from the appropriate data steward; if the request is made pursuant to the Indiana open records statute, seek advice from the Office of the VP and General Counsel, as well as the appropriate data steward.

This list is a work-in-progress and should not yet be considered comprehensive at this time. For questions regarding the classification of data elements not listed below, please contact the appropriate data steward.

Data Element Classification
Foundation Donor Information - all data in Donor Database (Trade Secret) Critical dataCritical
Health Information - Fax Numbers Critical dataCritical
Health Information - Email Address Critical dataCritical
Health Information - Dates relating to the Individual Critical dataCritical
Health Information - Medical Record Numbers Critical dataCritical
Health Information - Health Plan Beneficiary Numbers Critical dataCritical
Health Information - Account Numbers Critical dataCritical
Health Information - Certificate/License Numbers Critical dataCritical
Health Information - Device Identifiers Critical dataCritical
Health Information - URLs, IP Addresses Critical dataCritical
Health Information - Biometric Identifiers Critical dataCritical
Health Information - Full face photographic images Critical dataCritical
Health Information - any other unique identifier Critical dataCritical
Health Information - Telephone numbers Critical dataCritical
Health Information - Names Critical dataCritical
Social Security number Critical dataCritical
Driver's License number Critical dataCritical
Passport number Critical dataCritical
Visa number Critical dataCritical
State Identification Card Number Critical dataCritical
Certificate/License number Critical dataCritical
All payment card data (including all credit/debit cards and cardholder information) Critical dataCritical
Debit Card Number Critical dataCritical
Bank Account Number or other financial account numbers Critical dataCritical
Student Loan Information Critical dataCritical
Student Loan Information - Account Numbers Critical dataCritical
Student Loan Information - Credit Information including Credit Scores Critical dataCritical
Passwords, passphrases, PIN numbers, security codes, access codes Critical dataCritical
Health Information Critical dataCritical
Health Information - geographic information smaller than a state Critical dataCritical
Student Academic Transcript Critical dataCritical
Student Country of Birth or Citizenship Critical dataCritical
Date of Birth/Age Restricted dataRestricted
Gender Restricted dataRestricted
Emergency contact Restricted dataRestricted
Home Mailing Address Restricted dataRestricted
Home Phone Restricted dataRestricted
Ethnicity Restricted dataRestricted
Military Status Restricted dataRestricted
Veteran Status Restricted dataRestricted
Citizenship Restricted dataRestricted
Visa status Restricted dataRestricted
Country of birth or citizenship Restricted dataRestricted
Work Authorization (I-9) Restricted dataRestricted
Job action reason (e.g. terminations or leave) Restricted dataRestricted
Benefits enrollment info Restricted dataRestricted
Payroll information (e.g. taxes, deductions, etc.) Restricted dataRestricted
Marital Status Restricted dataRestricted
Examples: IU University ID, Preferred Name/Prior Name, Position Information, Part-time/full time indicator University-internal dataUniversity-internal
Dates of first and last employment Public dataPublic
Name Public dataPublic
Compensation Public dataPublic
Job Title Public dataPublic
Job Description Public dataPublic
Business Address Public dataPublic
Business Telephone Number Public dataPublic
Previous work experience Public dataPublic
Education & Training Background Public dataPublic


  1. An eligible agent of Indiana University is anyone employed on a part-time or full-time basis or working under a contract for Indiana University.
  2. Individually identifiable health information includes information relating to past, present, or future conditions, provisions of health care, and payment for the provisions of health care.
  3. Personal Network ID passphrases should never be shared with anyone.